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Established in 1995, in Sefakoy, Turkey, in a 450 square meter indoor facility Kervan Gida is now one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of confectionary products in Turkey.

The company’s aim is to focus on producing top quality, as well as innovative products, by using advanced technology in their productions process. Kervan Gida has become one of the most trustworthy producers within international candy markets regarding food safety. All products produced in its factory are halaal certified.

Creative Sweets is proud to be the importer in South Africa of Kervan’s signature brand, Bebeto. The Bebeto range caters for all ages, from fun and exciting jelly sweets with toys inside, to delicious fruit bites with yoghurt.

In mid 2007, Gilde Equity Management Benelux formed De Banketgroep by buying out Bakkersland Banket B.V. and Van der Breggen B.V in quick succession. The Banketgroep produces authentic top quality Dutch products which are reliable, competitive in price and innovative, this adds value for its various business partners.

The unique Gouda's Gilde caramel waffle (called stroopwafels by the Dutch) is made in Holland according to a traditional recipe from 1864. The waffle which is loved all over the world, is made from a combination of crispy waffle and a soft caramel filling. The selection of high quality ingredients and sophisticated baking process gives the Goudas Gilde waffle a long term freshness and makes it suitable for export. The Chocolate Caramel Waffle is a caramel waffle enriched with Belgian chocolate.

With many years in the importing & distribution industry, Creative Sweets made the decision to launch their own brand. After observing market trends over a long period of time the decision was made to launch King Candy in 2014. The King brand consists of top quality jellies available in bulk bags and tubs, as well as variety of candy and toys.

All King products are produced in a factory that uses advanced technology in their productions process, the manufacturer has become one of the most trustworthy producers within the international market. The product is manufactured in Turkey and all products are Halaal certified.

King jellies are made using real fruit juices as well as natural pigments which are obtained through plants, to ensure that only top quality products are produced for consumers in the South African market. Creative Sweets in conjunction with the manufacturers are constantly working together to ensure that the most innovative products are produced for South African consumers.

The range includes liquorice ropes both short & long, jellies ranging from scary googly eyes to cute heart shaped jellies, whatever the taste of the consumer you will more than likely find a suitable product, amongst an abundance of flavours, in the King range.

In 1927, a family owned wholesalers in Letterkenny, a small town in Donegal, on Ireland's north west coast was faced with a problem – they could not source the high quality Toffees or Traditional Boiled Sweets that they required for the shops that they distributed to, but they could get an ample supply of sugar.

The solution was obvious - make the sweets themselves but they were wholesalers not manufactures! They took about the task with enthusiasm and a sense of adventure into the unknown. Oatfield Sweets was born in a family kitchen on the main street of Letterkenny. It was rumoured that the stoves of that kitchen never went out once the sweet smell of the delicious Toffee and delectable Boiled Sweets meandered its way through the streets of this small town and into the hearts of its people and beyond.

In 1933, the taste for these sweets was so great that a factory had to be opened to deal with the ever increasing demand.
Today the Toffees and Boiled Sweets are made in the same traditional fashion, the ingredients are hand filled and boiled in copper kettles, then laid out to cool on tables, and cut into sections by heated knives.

Try to find two pieces of Oatfield Toffee that are the same – its almost impossible because as the toffee cools it finds its own shape – making each piece as individual as a snowflake. Today their range has broadened to include a wide range of Traditional Toffees, Jellies and Boiled Sweets as well as chocolate with some of their well know brands enjoyed in the far corners of the world. Their coconut flavoured chocolate covered caramels - Emerald Chocolates are a favourite throughout the world, while their chocolate filled Eclairs promise to keep your mouth busy enjoying the chewy delight.

Zed Candy is the brainchild of two Irish entrepreneurs: Brendan Roantree and Donal Kavanagh. Having gained many years experience in the confectionery industry, the duo decided on board a turbulent flight from Australia that they would start up their own company making bubblegum, and so late one night, high over the waves of the Indian Ocean Zed Candy was born.

In 1999, Zed Candy was opened for business. Calling on the manufacturing experience gained by Brendan and the imagination and designs of Donal the company grew from strength to strength introducing the world to new concepts in gum with exciting graphics, unimaginable characters and an assortment of extreme and exciting flavours to compliment the milder ones. A growing company needed a bigger manufacturing site and in 2001 Zed Candy acquired Leaf Ireland Ltd., where the range continued to grow. Leaf Ireland was set up in 1959 by the Leaf family to satisfy a European taste for Bubblegum that had emerged after World War 2, during which the Europeans developed a liking for this new bubblegum taste from the US. Today Zed Candy distributes a range of confectionery to 25 countries worldwide.

Most famous for their Jawbreakers – a serious piece of hard candy with a gum centre that is available in a variety of sizes from Mini Jawbreaker to Jumbo Jawbreaker right up to Mammouth Jawbreaker (also known as the 8 hour challenge) and flavours ranging from the ever popular Strawberry Jawbreaker, the Super Sour Jawbreaker and the devilishly hot Fireball Jawbreaker. Jawbreaker features as the elusive prize in Cartoon Network's cartoon Ed, Edd & Eddie, where it seems that they just cannot get enough of the jawbreaker. At Zed Candy they are committed to coming up with new, exciting products with extreme flavours to thrill our customers and keep them wanting more of our great flavours.

Quality Local & International Brands

We strive to import & distribute premium local & international brands into the retail sector, and are constantly observing market trends.